Residential Roofing & Construction Services in Rhode Island

The comfort and safety of your home in Middletown or Warren, Rhode Island depend largely on the quality of your roof. Hart’s Roofing & Construction understands this, vowing to deliver top-tier residential roofing solutions that meet all your needs.

Why Choose Hart’s Roofing & Construction?

Our team is composed of experienced roofing professionals, committed to ensuring optimum satisfaction for our customers. We offer various roofing services, including installation, repair, and maintenance in Portsmouth and Tiverton.

In areas like Newport and Bristol, we not only cater to residential clients but also businesses who might need a new roof installation. What differentiates us is our dedication to using high-quality materials ensuring durability and longevity of your property’s roof.

Roof Replacement in Rhode Island

Beyond repairs, sometimes there can be situations when roof replacement becomes essential. This can be due to reasons like significant storm damage or the age of the roof. We thoroughly assess the condition of your roof in order to provide the most accurate advice.

Our process includes a thorough inspection, providing a comprehensive breakdown of costs and the schedule for our work, and finally, expert implementation. By choosing Hart’s Roofing & Construction, you’re making a choice for professional, comprehensive roofing services that will leave you confident in the safety and comfort of your home.