Breathe Easy: Expert DIY Tips for HVAC Maintenance from Chicago HVAC Repair Doctor

Heat or cooling problems at home? Afraid they might escalate soon? With a few simple tips, most problems can be managed or avoided in their entirety. These expert tips will help you maintain your HVAC system and might save you a costly visit from professionals like us, Chicago HVAC Repair Doctor.

A Clean Filter is A Must

The importance of a clean air filter can never be underestimated. A dirty filter can reduce airflow or freeze up your system, leading to unnecessary stress on the whole HVAC setup. It also can cause dirt buildup in the system when it’s clogged. We recommend checking your filter every month and replacing it if necessary.

The Outdoor Unit Matters Too

Many tend to forget the outdoor condenser unit but, it’s an integral part of the HVAC system. Ensure the area around this unit is clear from any kind of debris like leaves and sticks that can block airflow. The fins of the condenser unit should be cleaned at least once a year.

Maintenance of Vents and Registers

Adequate airflow to the vents ensures the HVAC system works efficiently. Keep all your home’s vents and registers clear of dust, furniture, or any other item that could obstruct airflow. This will ensure your HVAC system can operate optimally.

Sealing of Ductwork

Ductwork can get leaky over time, let conditioned air escape and run up your utility bills. If ducts run through spaces like attics or crawlspaces that don’t normally get conditioned air, we recommend getting them inspected and sealed up if necessary.

Swift Troubleshooting

Look out for any unusual noises, fluctuating temperatures, or unexpected behavior from your system. Any such issues could be a sign that your HVAC needs attention. Even with these DIY tips, sometimes professional help is necessary, especially for safety and ensuring the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Head to the website for more advice if needed or to schedule an appointment if your HVAC is due for a service or repair. With these simple yet essential tips, you should be on your way to a well-maintained HVAC system.